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 Title: Manners Maketh Man

Author: Aria_Lerendeair

Artist: Bright-Pyrite

Beta: Kate, you wonderful, fucking amazing darling you.  <3  

Pairing (if any): Gabriel/Sam (Sabriel)

Genre/Tropes: Spy AU

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 38,382

Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for the Kingsman Movie, I draw very heavily from it in places, and though I don't own the Kingsman story, I do own some of the additional plot points I added that I wish I could have seen in the movie.  

Summary: Gabriel Novak had known, since he was twelve years old that he would never amount to anything worthwhile.  He'd be a drain on society until his dying day, just like his Dad.  However, when Sam Winchester, a Kingsman agent, waltzes into his life with his bespoke suits, spy gadgets and devastating smile, to give him the opportunity of a lifetime, Gabriel can't say no.  Oh, and they have to save the world.



Gabriel shook his head and swallowed. 




His eyes drifted back to the computer.  The message existed.  It was longer than a standard communication, but not that much longer.  Gabriel swallowed and pulled out his phone, calling up the jet.  He wasn’t taking any chances. 


He phoned Percival in and begged him to cover the rest of the shift.  It only took one word for him to come in.  Sam.  Sam might be alive.  He might be dead.  But someone sent a message that only a Kingsman could send.  Dean, shit, no, he had to remember to call him Dagonet.  Dean needed to know, needed to be told, but Gabriel was already on his way to the jet, and Percival would be able to decode the damn message, alert everyone else.


Gabriel was halfway over the Atlantic Ocean before he even thought to call Kali or Merlin.  He couldn’t sleep, he only paced up and down the aisle, replaying the scene from Sam’s shooting in his mind.  It had been a shot to the head.  There had been so much blood…


Gabriel swallowed as his phone buzzed in his pocket.  He pulled it out.  Merlin.  Merlin would have decoded the message.  Perhaps the message was meant for him.  “Galahad,” he managed, tightening his hand around his phone so it didn’t shake. 


“Gabriel,” Merlin said. 


Gabriel fell into a seat, relief washing over him in waves.  Merlin would only use his real name if-


“He’s alive.”


Gabriel sucked in a breath, feeling dizzy.  Alive, Sam was alive, had been alive for three months, he’d survived.  He’d managed to survive.  Somehow, he’d survived a shot to the head at point blank range, how had he done that, had there been some gadget, but then, why hadn’t Merlin known about it?


“Gabriel,” Merlin called again. 


Gabriel shook himself and snapped back to attention.  “I’m here.  I’m here,” he reassured Merlin.  “I’m en route.  I’ll be there in four hours.” 


Silence on the other end of the phone had him wondering.  Did Sam not want to see him?  Would he have wanted to be seen by anyone other than him?  Gabriel waited for the other shoe to drop from Merlin. 


“Try to wait to kiss him until he’s able to stand.  He only woke up from his coma yesterday.” 


Gabriel wanted to respond, but the dial-tone beeped in his ear before he could.  He pulled the phone away and stared at it.  He swallowed, his mouth dry.  Merlin had known?  Had they all known? 


Well, fuck it, there was nothing that he could do about it now.  Nothing at all.  Gabriel sank back down into one of the plus seats and took a deep breath, rubbing his hands over his face.  Fuck.  Fucking hell. 


Landing in Frankfurt didn’t take long.  The two hour drive to where the church had been took him an hour and a half.  Gabriel had no idea how long he’d been awake now, but exhaustion was licking at the edges of his mind. 


But Sam was alive, he was awake, and he needed to find him.  Now


A quick glance at his watch told him that he wasn’t going to get far at nine thirty in the evening on a Sunday.  He needed to figure something else out and he needed to do it quickly.  Gabriel found a nearby motel that was willing to take cash and bought himself a shitty bed to crash in. 


He slept for more than ten hours, and when he woke up, sun was blazing in the window and there were birds chirping outside.  Gabriel wanted to shoot all of them, but the idea that Sam was alive, and waiting to be found was enough to keep him from making a scene. 


Gabriel tugged on his suit (only a little wrinkled from the plane ride and wearing it two days in a row) and made his way down to the police station.  He had to start somewhere. 


He got laughed out of the station, in the wake of V-day, there were thousands of missing person cases, and not one where the person had been found without one of those cases.  Gabriel had no idea if Sam had used an alias, so he couldn’t even give his name to try and hunt him down like that. 


Afterwards, it seemed like a good idea to start searching each of the hospitals one by one.  Gabriel stole a pair of scrubs and a lab coat from an absent doctor.  They were far too long in the arms, but thankfully, everyone was so busy that they didn’t notice.  He stole an empty clipboard, grabbed some blank forms and walked around with a purpose checking room by room. 


No one ever paid attention to you while you had a clipboard in your hands and you walked with a purpose.  Gabriel almost snickered as he checked another room in the rehabilitation suite and nearly dropped the fucking clipboard. 




Fuck, Sam was right there, in a wheelchair, staring out the window. 


He forced his legs to move and he turned the doorknob silently, pushing the door open. 


Gabriel stood in the doorway of the rehabilitation suite, staring at the figure in the wheelchair.  His hair was shorter, but the color was right.  So was the breadth of his shoulders.  Was Sam unable to walk?  Horror curled in the pit of his stomach at the idea that Sam couldn’t walk.  Would Sam blame him for that?  He’d deserve it, all of this was his fault. 


“Are you going to stand in the doorway forever, Gabriel, or are you going to come in?” Sam called. 


Gabriel stepped into the room and shut the door behind him, watching as Sam wheeled himself around.  “You cut your hair,” he said. 


“It was either shave my head or have to suffer the indignity of a comb-over,” Sam said, smiling at Gabriel.  “I am glad the doctors selected the first option for me.” 


Gabriel wasn’t sure if he wanted to punch Sam or shoot him.  Both sounded like excellent options.  There was also kissing him, but damn, gentlemen had more tact than that and Sam deserved better than that.  He took a step closer to Sam.  “Can you walk?” 


Sam nodded and Gabriel felt relief rush through him.  Oh fuck.  Thank fuck. 


“I have feeling in all of my extremities.  There appears to have been no nerve damage,” Sam said, wheeling himself closer to Gabriel.  “I sent a message as soon as I woke from the coma they placed me in for the surgery.” 


Gabriel swallowed hard and nodded again.  He forced his hands to unclench and slid them into his pockets.  He was wearing his suit, the suit that Sam had picked out for him, that he had saved the world in.  “We saved the world.” 


Sam smiled at him and Gabriel took a step forward without meaning to move.  “Indeed.  All looks to be in one piece.” 


“Minus a few bits here and there, yeah,” Gabriel croaked.  He cleared his throat and tried to focus on Sam, but his image was getting blurrier by the second. 


“Gabriel,” Sam said. 


“They gave me your alias,” Gabriel blurted.  “They call me Galahad and it’s wrong, Sam, I’ll never be Galahad, and now that you’re back-” 


“Gabriel, come here,” Sam ordered, wheeling himself closer. 


Gabriel shuffled closer to Sam, and looked down at him, struggling to breathe, because Sam was shorter than him in the chair and that wasn’t right, couldn’t be right.  He dropped to his knees and rested his head on Sam’s thigh, clenching his eyes shut to try to prevent the tears.


Long fingers slowly combed through his hair and Gabriel choked on a sob.  He reached out and tightened his hand on Sam’s calf, squeezing him, reassuring himself that Sam was here, that he was real


“Oh, my dear boy,” Sam whispered, combing Gabriel’s hair back from his face as Gabriel started to cry, his shoulders shaking as he clung to him.  “It’s all right.  Let it out.  Breathe and let it out.” 


“I’m so mad at you,” Gabriel said, tangling his fingers in the fabric of Sam’s pants.  “So, so mad at you, I’m going to kick your ass when you are back in fighting shape.” 


Sam smiled at Gabriel.  “I would expect nothing less from you, Gabriel.  Nothing less.” 


For the first time in three months, Gabriel let the rest of the tension drain out of his shoulders.  Even if he was kicked out of Kingsman, even if he got booted out to the curb, it wouldn’t matter.  Sam was here.  Sam was alive.  Sam was safe


They could figure everything else out later.












It took Gabriel two days to forge the paperwork required to get Sam out of the hospital and on his way back to England.  Merlin helped, creating a fake ID for him so he looked like one of Sam’s younger brothers.  Dean showing up a day later also helped. 


They managed to get Sam loaded into the Kingsman jet and were on their way back to England when Gabriel got the call that he was needed in Italy.  Militant group attempting to take power and they needed to be stopped. 


“Leaving already?” Sam asked, blinking his eyes open slowly to smile at Gabriel.  “Saving the world again?” 


Gabriel swallowed hard and stared at Sam.  His heart turned over in his chest and he nodded.  “Yeah, as usual.”  Sam’s smile softened even further and Gabriel had to look down at the carpet of the plane so he didn’t say or do something he’d regret.  “I’d uh, I’d better get some shut eye since I’m going to take off right after we get home.” 


“Of course, Gabriel,” Sam said, closing his eyes.  “Safe travels, happy hunting.” 


Gabriel couldn’t say anything after that, he could only ignore the knowing look from Dean as he hit the button to allow his chair to stretch out into a bed.  Sleep didn’t come for him. 








Gabriel didn’t sleep a lot the following weeks.  Kingsman training had taught him to operate on a minimal amount of sleep. 


What little sleep he did get, he took it at the Kingsman training compound in the emergency suites.  He’d removed all of his things from Sam’s flat, erasing any hint of his stay there.  It had always been temporary. 


Loki lived on the compound with him, but Gabriel could tell he missed Sam’s flat.  Missed the rug in front of the fireplace.  Missed sitting on his feet when he was in the study.  Gabriel didn’t let himself think about it.  Just like he didn’t think about the little updates on how Sam was doing that Merlin tossed his way the longer time went by. 


Sam was in physical therapy. 


Sam had been made Arthur.


Sam and Dean had gone drinking to celebrate Sam coming off medication. 


Sam wishing him well when he saw him between missions, but keeping his distance. 


Gabriel was so focused on avoiding Sam as much as possible, he didn’t realize that it had been six months since the day he had found Sam in Kentucky.


It was natural though, they’d been busy.  It wasn’t because he was actively trying to avoid Sam.  He’d been tired, that’s why he’d turned down Sam’s offer of drinks the few times he’d made it, back in the beginning. 


And then, he was still going through his own physical therapy after he’d had his shoulder dislocated and his arm broken when Sam had offered to catch up with him, so of course he’d refused.  He’d been so angry at his own body, at his inability to do what he should have been able to do, he hadn’t wanted anyone to see him, let alone Sam.


After that, Sam had stopped asking.  His smile had gotten more polite and distant.  What did it matter that his heart shattered a little more with every smile that didn’t feel like Sam?  He was the one who’d gotten in too deep, who’d refused Sam when he reached out.  It was his fault, all of it was his fault. 


Gabriel hunched over the side of bed, trying to smile when Loki padded closer and curled up next to his feet.  “Maybe we should actually try moving into the flat that Kingsman gave us, huh?” 


Loki gave a quiet whimper and Gabriel picked him up, depositing the dog beside him in the bed.  At least Loki wouldn’t leave him.  Gabriel wrapped the blanket around the both of them and pressed his face to Loki’s soft fur.  A sob escaped him before he could muffle it.  The darkness around him felt suffocating, and the room was never really going to be his. 


Sam’s flat might not have been his, but it was better than this. 


Gabriel cried himself to sleep, glad that the room was soundproof and that no one would come looking for him.  Loki wouldn’t judge him.  Never would. 








Another month managed to pass before Sam caught up with him as he was heading to Budapest.




Gabriel stiffened and forced himself to stop.  Sam calling him Galahad felt wrong.  Sam calling him anything other than Gabriel felt wrong.  When had he become Galahad instead of Gabriel?  When that that happened? 


He plastered a smile on his face and turned to Sam.  His hair was almost back to its normal length.  Framing his face as he caught up.  Gabriel nodded to him and put one hand into his pocket, so Sam wouldn’t see how it trembled.  “Arthur, is everything all right?” 


Sam stopped in front of him and gave him a searching look that Gabriel couldn’t do anything more than squirm under.  He cleared his throat and forced himself to look up and meet those hazel eyes.  “Arth-”


“Gabriel,” Sam said. 


Gabriel shoved his other hand into his pocket.  He was sure that Sam saw him, but fuck it didn’t matter, because his hands were shaking.  When was the last time Sam had called him Gabriel?  He couldn’t remember anymore.  When had Sam stopped saying his name?  “Yeah?” he croaked. 


“You’re in no condition to go on this mission.  I’ll have Dagonet handle it,” Sam said, matter of fact. 


Gabriel bristled and glared at Sam.  “I’m fine, I’ve already been briefed by Merlin.  The jet is waiting.”  He turned and stalked towards the door. 


“Then would you tell me why you have spent the last six months living in the temporary quarters here, rather than at your own flat?” Sam called. 


Gabriel froze, with his hand on the door.  “I think that’s none of your damn business, Arthur,” he spat, turning the handle.  He stalked towards the jet that was waiting for him and climbed up the stairs, throwing himself into one of the seats. 


He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the headrest.  Maybe he could catch a few hours of sleep on the way there.  He needed it.  Gabriel took a deep breath.  If he meditated, he could likely get some real rest. 


“You’re benched, Gabriel.  Until further notice,” Sam said. 


Gabriel snapped his eyes open and glared at Sam, who was sitting in the seat across from him.  “You can’t afford to bench me.  We have too much work to do.” 


“I can, and I am.  You are exhausted, at the end of your rope.  Your mental state is a wreck, you aren’t sleeping, and for some reason, you refuse to leave the training compound,” Sam said, standing up again. 


“Lancelot will be here in an hour to pick you up and take you to your flat, Gabriel.  I suggest you find a way to rest and relax for the remainder of the week.” 


Gabriel glared at Sam’s back as he left the plane and resisted the urge to punch the wall.  He took a few deep breaths and managed to make himself leave the plane.  He ignored the knowing look from Merlin and stalked back to his room.  Loki looked up at him excitedly and Gabriel gave himself a moment to pet him before he started shoving his things into a duffel bag.  His other suit went into the traveling case.


He stopped and looked around the room.  Had he really had so little?  Gabriel sank down on the edge of the bed and hid his face in his hands.  Fuck.  He’d really fucked this one up.  The one good thing he had in his life and he’d managed to get to the point where he had to be told to take a break. 


“Well, you are a mess,” Kali said, walking towards Gabriel, picking up his bangs.  “Come on, I’m taking you home.” 


Gabriel stared at her and managed to push himself up and off the bed.  He let her drive him to what should have been home and stared at the building.  He didn’t even have the key. 


“Get out of the car, Gabriel,” Kali ordered, pulling a key out of her pocket as she walked towards the front door.  She opened it and stepped into the hallway.  “You have Sam to thank for furnishing this place.  On the other hand, you’d know that if you stopped holding him as far away as you can.” 


Gabriel glared at her back as she put the bags on the staircase.  Loki immediately ran into the house, racing around the different rooms and up the stairs.  Gabriel watched him go, wondering if Kali was going to add to the lecture. 


“Now, tell me what happened.  Did you kiss him and he shoved you away?” Kali asked, striding into another room, coming back with two glasses and a bottle of wine. 


“No,” Gabriel said, sinking down into a chair.  A chair that Sam had picked out.  It was comfy, and suited him and he loved it.  Fuck, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to burn the whole place down or just replace every single piece of furniture here. 


Kali sighed and poured them both glasses, handing it to Gabriel, watching as he downed it.  “Then tell me what did happen.  You have rejected every attempt Sam has made to talk to you, let alone speak with you about what is going on between you both.” 


Gabriel put the glass on the side table.  “Nothing happened.  I realized it was stupid to want anything, and-”


“Is that why you’ve refused to move in here?”




“No!” Kali snapped, sipping at her glass before putting it down.  “Had Sam died, I would perhaps understand your reaction more!  But he is alive, Gabriel, he is alive!” 


Gabriel gave her a sour look.  “I’m aware.” 


“Then start acting like it.  Dean, Merlin and I are tired of Sam walking around with his kicked puppy look.  He’s hurt, and you won’t talk to him, Gabriel,” Kali said, picking up her wine again. 


Gabriel sighed and let his head hang.  “Nothing happened Kali.  I thought something might - before everything with Metatron.”  He flinched at Kali’s furious glare. 


“That was almost a year ago, Gabriel!  A year!” 


“I know, I know,” Gabriel muttered pushing his hair back. 


“You obviously don’t know, since you are both miserable without talking to each other,” Kali said, staring at Gabriel.  “Merlin was certain that you would figure things out when you found Sam, but they have only gotten worse.” 


Gabriel didn’t answer, though now guilt was weighing him down.  Of course everyone had noticed.  Everyone had known, to make matters even worse, and he’d managed to hurt Sam.  He stared at the floor and shut his eyes.  “He’s too good for me.” 


Kali took a deep breath.  “Gabriel, I am going to tell you something.  I do not know this, and I will not tell you how I found out.  But you need to hear it right now.” 


Gabriel couldn’t stop himself from looking up at Kali, caught by the seriousness of her tone.  “What?  He isn’t-” 


“He is fine.  But he believes that you discovered how he felt about you and you are disgusted by it, and that is why you are avoiding him,” Kali said. 


Gabriel stared at her, his mouth dry as horror crept over him.  “He, he-”


“He won’t believe anything I tell him.  You kept pushing him away, refusing to speak with him outside a professional capacity.”  Kali stood up and walked to Gabriel, crouching in front of him.  “You didn’t see the devastated look on his face the first time you called him Arthur.”


The sob was wrenched out of his throat before he could stop it.  Gabriel pressed a hand to his mouth and clenched his eyes shut, shaking his head. 


Kali sighed and wrapped her arms around Gabriel.  “You have to talk with him.” 


“He hates me now,” Gabriel whispered.  That was exactly what he’d wanted, wasn’t it?  To push Sam away until Sam didn’t want him anymore.


“You idiot,” Kali said fondly, pulling back to wrap her hands around Gabriel’s face.  “I do not know what he feels for you, but I know that losing your closeness and friendship has devastated him.” 


Gabriel swallowed hard, blinking fast to keep the tears from falling.  “Kali, I can’t-” 


The doorbell rang, interrupting them.  Gabriel stared at Kali in horror.  “You didn’t.” 


“Of course I did.  Sort your shit out Gabriel, or I’m going to do it for you,” Kali said, pointing a finger at him as she headed for the door. 


Gabriel could hear Kali talking quietly with Sam in the doorway.  He’d know Sam’s voice anywhere, but Sam sounded tired, and like he was arguing with Kali.  Gabriel bit down on his lip and stood up.  Well, if they were going to have this conversation, he was done running away from it.  Might as well fucking face up to it now. 


He cleared his throat and interrupted the vehement argument Kali and Sam were having in his doorway.  “Sam, please come in.  Kali, I’ll see you sometime this week.” 


Kali met his eyes and Gabriel swallowed hard.  He nodded at her and turned his attention to Sam.  Loki came bounding down the stairs and ran for Sam, greeting him eagerly with barks and small yips. 


Gabriel watched as Kali closed the door behind her.  A sense of finality settled over him.  They were going to figure things out.  Either that, or they’d ruin them forever.  He swallowed hard and whistled, watching as Loki padded back towards him. 


“Go hang out by the fireplace,” he said, watching as Loki immediately made his way into the living room and flopped down in front of the fireplace.  He swallowed and took a deep breath, turning to look at Sam.  Who was standing there like he could wait forever, his suit perfectly crisp, and his umbrella held carefully in his hands. 


“Hey, Sam,” he said, watching some of the tension start to bleed out of Sam.  Gabriel smiled and watched Sam rest the umbrella next to the front door.  “Been a while.” 


“Yes, it has,” Sam agreed, walking closer to Gabriel.  “By your own design, I believe.” 


Gabriel winced.  Yeah, fuck, he deserved that.  He cleared his throat and gestured towards the front sitting room.  “Have a seat?” 


Sam shook his head.  “You don’t know where the liquor is.  You sit and I will go get us something to drink.  I have the feeling you will require it.” 


Gabriel walked back over to the chair he had been in before and dropped his face into his hands.  Sam sounded robotic, and it wasn’t hard to miss the thread of hurt in his voice now that he wasn’t trying to run away.  Fuck, he’d done this to Sam. 


Sam’s soft footsteps returned and this time he was holding a bottle of brandy and two glasses.  Gabriel wanted to laugh, because the last thing he wanted was alcohol.  He took the glass Sam poured for him and gestured to the seat across from him and took a deep breath after Sam sat down in it.  “I owe you an apology, Sam.” 


Sam hummed.  “I’d like an explanation to what has been going through your head for the past seven months, Gabriel, instead of an apology.  You’ve been a stranger.” 


“Yeah,” Gabriel whispered, hanging his head as he stared at the glass in his hands.  “I’m sorry about that, Sam.  You didn’t deserve that.” 


“Will you tell me why, Gabriel?” Sam asked, taking a slow sip of the brandy.  Gabriel seemed determined to do nothing but stare at the liquor. 


Gabriel took a shaky breath.  “Everything is so fucked up, Sam.  I don’t know how to fix it.” 


Sam put his drink down on the table beside his chair and stood.  He knelt down in front of Gabriel and put his hands on Gabriel’s knees.  “The first step to fixing anything is to talk about it.  If you can’t trust me enough to tell me, I can request that Kali come back so you can speak with someone at least.” 


“I don’t want Kali,” Gabriel said, glancing at Sam to find worried hazel eyes staring at him. 


“But you can’t talk with me either, can you?” Sam guessed. 


“No, because you are the problem!” Gabriel snapped, looking up to glare at Sam.  He watched shock and hurt flutter over Sam’s face before the bland face of Arthur returned, and it was the same one that hurt to see any time he did.  Sam’s hands were pulled off his knees and Sam was standing up when he remembered what Kali had told him. 


“Fuck, no, wait!” Gabriel said, putting his glass to the side and scrambling to stand up, grabbing the back of Sam’s suit.  “Stop, fuck, just wait for a second!” 


Sam cleared his throat.  “I think you’ve made it perfectly clear-”


“No I fucking haven’t!” Gabriel growled, holding onto Sam’s suit even tighter.  “You are a bloody fucking problem, because I am in love with you and I can’t stop being in love with you!” he blurted, clenching his eyes shut. 


Sam was frozen in front of him and Gabriel was breathing hard, panting.  Well, fuck, now it was over.  It wasn’t like he’d just ripped his heart out and put it on a fucking plate for Sam to knock to the floor or anything.  He tried to calm his breathing, but now it was out in the open and there was no hiding it anymore.  Gabriel dropped his hand away from Sam’s suit and stepped away from him, going for the glass he had left on the table, downing it quickly, glad he had the burn of alcohol to distract him for a few seconds. 


“I knew I was in trouble when you bought me this suit.  Because, don’t get me wrong, I’m used to wanting people.  That shit wasn’t new,” Gabriel swallowed and poured himself another glass.  “But you wanted me too, even if it was only just that day.  And then, everything with the final test happened, and you looked so fucking disappointed, and I knew I was a goner.  Fucking stole my heart when I wasn’t looking with those dimples and fucking half-smiles of yours.” 


He downed the second glass and set it back down on the table and then collapsed into the seat, keeping his eyes closed so he didn’t have to look at Sam, and at the pity he knew was in his eyes.  “And then you died. You fucking died, Sam.  And we had to save the world.  I moved in to your place afterwards, because I was a fucking wreck.  And being there, at least, fuck, at least I could pretend you weren’t dead for a little longer.” 


“Dean told me,” Sam said, his voice quiet.  “That you two would drink together and sometimes you’d talk about me.” 


Gabriel clenched his eyes shut.  “I was so angry at you for dying.  Because I had so much I wanted to say to you and then I couldn’t!” 


“But I came back.” 


“And then,” Gabriel rubbed at his eyes for a minute.  “Then you came back.  And it’s like, everything I wanted to say, but still couldn’t.  Because I couldn’t drag you down like that.  I’m, fuck, I’m no one Sam.  Never fucking have been.  You can put a nice suit on a pile of shit, but it’s still a pile of shit.” 




Gabriel gave a harsh exhale.  “So I decided to stay away, because that was easier than fucking getting closer and falling more and more in love with you.”  He pushed his hand through his hair and growled.  “And then you somehow ended up with the impression that I found out something about you and that’s what I was angry at.” 


Silence.  It was almost worse than the looks that he had been getting from Sam.  “And somehow, as a result, we ended up in the mess we’re currently in.  So there, I’ve spilled my guts.  Now we need to fix this shit so we can both move on with our lives.” 


Sam’s shoes didn’t make any noise on the carpet, but Gabriel could feel him walking closer and shuddered.  Fucking bastard.  He could barely hear Sam breathing, let alone making other noise. 


“You aren’t a pile of shit,” Sam said, kneeling down in front of Gabriel.  “Far from it, in fact.” 


Gabriel snorted and blinked his eyes open a few times to stare at Sam.  “I don’t know where you’ve been, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to convince me otherwise.” 


“Gabriel, you saved the world.  You, Lancelot and Merlin stopped six billion people from being killed.” 


“Plenty of people died,” Gabriel protested. 


“True,” Sam allowed.  “But far more were saved because of what you were able to do.  You saved them.” 


Gabriel shook his head and sighed.  “That doesn’t magically turn me into something I’m not.” 


“Kingsman has never wanted you to be anything other than what you are.  As long as you can adapt to the situation, no one has ever said that you needed to change,” Sam said, reaching out to touch Gabriel again.  “Didn’t you learn that?” 


Gabriel stood up and pushed past Sam to pace in the room.  “Doesn’t fucking matter.  Also, out of everything I said, you choose that piece to focus on?” 


“It required the most immediate response,” Sam said, watching Gabriel make another frantic circuit of the room. 


“Sam,” Gabriel said, giving a harsh laughing, pushing his fingers through his hair.  “Do you not get it?  Do I really have to fucking spell out for you what I did before Kingsman?  What I did to put food in Anna’s mouth?  Just fucking tell me you don’t want me anymore and I’ll figure out a way to get over it.” 


“Is that why you think I’m here?” Sam asked, stepping into Gabriel’s path, forcing him to a stop.  “To tell you I don’t want you anymore?” 


Gabriel threw his arms up.  “I don’t fucking know why you’re here Sam!  Kali called you here so we could straighten our shit out, I’ve fucking bared my heart and soul, I don’t think we have anything left to-” He cut himself off and froze, looking up at Sam.  “Wait.  Wait a fucking second.” 


Sam was smiling at him again, the smile that reached his eyes and showed off his dimples.  The smile that he’d fucking missed in the past six months.  “You said anymore,” Gabriel whispered.  “You want me?” 


Sam laughed and shook his head, reaching out to cup Gabriel’s face in his palms.  “Gabriel.  You broke my heart the first time you called me Arthur.  I thought you must have known, that you had to know, and that was how you were pushing me away.” 


Gabriel was frozen, staring up at Sam, the words slowly filtering through his mind, altering the picture of the last seven months.  “Know what?” 


Sam gave him another smile, and this one made him seem years younger.  It was a shy, hesitant smile.  Gabriel spared a moment to think that ‘in love’ was a damn good look for Sam before Sam was leaning closer to him. 


“You don’t need to change who you are, or where you have come from Gabriel.  You are so much more than you even realize,” Sam whispered, stroking his thumbs over Gabriel’s cheeks.  “Your past made you who you are.  Who you are is amazing and I love every part of you.” 


Gabriel was pretty sure he was shaking, and Sam’s thumbs were swiping over his cheeks like he was wiping away tears.  But then Sam was kissing him and it didn’t matter, nothing fucking mattered now. 


He threw his arms up and around Sam’s shoulders, yanking him in closer.  Gabriel let himself melt into the gentle kiss, the feel of Sam’s hands still cradling his face enough to have him shivering.  When Sam finally pulled away to look at him, he grinned. 


“I’ve missed that grin of yours,” Sam admitted, stroking a thumb over Gabriel’s lower lip. 


Gabriel laughed and nipped at the pad of Sam’s thumb.  “And I’ve missed that fucking smile of yours.  God, we’re a couple of fucking idiots, aren’t we?” 


“Indeed,” Sam said, smiling.  “However, Gabriel…” 


Gabriel tensed, bracing himself for what came.  It didn’t matter, none of it did, he was going to have Sam and he was going to keep him.  “Yeah?  What is it?  Did I fuck something up already?” 


Sam laughed and shook his head.  “No, no, everything is fine.” 


Gabriel hummed when Sam kissed him again, soft and slow.  He blinked his eyes open a moment later and smirked.  “Okay, well, if everything is fine, then what do you say we take this to somewhere horizontal where we don’t have to worry about you fucking towering over me?” 


“Gabriel…” Sam said, trailing off.  “I, are you certain?  I am nearly two decades older than you are.” 


Gabriel blinked and stared at Sam for a second before he burst out laughing.  He reached out and grabbed Sam’s hand, turning away from him and yanking him towards the stairs.  He left his luggage downstairs and looked around the landing for a second, wondering which room was the master. 


“On the left, Gabriel,” Sam said. 


“Thank you!” Gabriel sang as he tugged Sam towards the door, throwing it open and fumbling around for the light switch.  Now that they were upstairs, Gabriel kicked off both of his shoes and stripped off his jacket, hanging it over the chair in front of a desk. 




“Nope, you’re going to strip while I talk for a second here,” Gabriel said, undoing his tie before laying it over his jacket.  He raised an eyebrow at Sam and waited until Sam had at least removed his jacket before he kept talking.  “First of all, yes, I’m fucking certain.” 


He stripped off his socks and took off his shoulder holster, adding it to the growing pile.  “I thought you were fucking gorgeous the first time I saw you standing outside the fucking police station.  Wanted to drop to my knees right fucking there.” 


Sam made a startled noise behind him and Gabriel chuckled.  “Didn’t get any better with all of your ‘Come Gabriel’’s and shit.  Seriously, you’re a walking double entendre, you’re lucky I haven’t jumped you.” 


“So the fitting room…?” 


“Was me finally realizing you wanted me too and Jesus, if Iseult hadn’t been there, I would have been on my knees for you in half a second.  You were in that light grey suit that makes you look fucking unfairly delicious,” Gabriel said, stripping off his pants and then boxers, leaving his boxers on the floor, but adding his pants to the pile on the chair. 


He turned to Sam with his hands on his hips, trying not to blush when his dick slapped against his belly, hard, ready and leaking.  Fuck Sam if he made fun of him for being eager.  He narrowed his eyes when he saw that Sam was still standing here in his shirtsleeves, vest and pants. 


Gabriel huffed and stalked closer to Sam.  “You have a problem with stripping there, Sam?” 


Sam shook his head.  “No, not at all Gabriel, I just…”


“All right, I’m not picky!” Gabriel said, approaching Sam.  “Fantasized about blowing you in that suit more than once.”  So had Sam, if the bulge in his pants was anything to go by.  Gabriel fell to his knees, glad that Sam had picked out a plush carpet for his bedroom before nuzzling the bulge through Sam’s pants. 


“I think I’m going to blow you, just like this,” Gabriel whispered.  “You in the suit, with the fucking holster still on.”  It was a hot idea and fuck if he couldn’t feel his cock getting harder at the thought. 


He reached up and started to undo the button on Sam’s pants and slowly pulled down the zipper.  “Last chance to tell me no, Sam,” Gabriel warned, glancing up at him.  Long fingers immediately combed into his hair, just like they had on the day he found Sam and Gabriel groaned. 


“Yes,” Sam breathed, tugging on Gabriel’s hair.  “Please, Gabriel.” 


He didn’t need anything more than that.  Gabriel licked his lips and yanked down Sam’s boxers, pulling his dick out.  “Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” he whispered, leaning in and licking a stripe from the base to the tip, sucking the tip into his mouth. 


Sam groaned above him and the sound was delicious, decadent even.  Gabriel swallowed Sam, taking him in inch by inch until was swallowing around the tip in the back of his throat. 


“Beautiful,” Sam said, combing his fingers through Gabriel’s hair.  “Gabriel, please, I need-“ 


Gabriel pulled off and licked his lips, clearing his throat.  “Shut up,” he ordered, looking up at Sam.  “Shut up, let me do this, because I’m fucking amazing at it and I’ve wanted to do it to you since I fucking met you.  Got it?” 


Sam only gave him a bemused grin and a nod and Gabriel decided that was all he needed before he dove back in, swallowing Sam whole and bobbing his head, fast and eager.  The posh bastard was big and the weight of his cock on his tongue was perfect.  He let his eyes fall to half-lidded as he stared up at Sam, watching his breathing speed up with every pass of his mouth, his hands tightening in his hair. 


It was intoxicating, watching Sam lose control, inch by inch.  When there were low, unrestrained groans escaping Sam, Gabriel started to move faster, pulling out all his tricks to get Sam to lose every single bit of that precious control of his. 


Sam didn’t last long after Gabriel lifted both hands to Sam’s ass and gave a slow squeeze, pulling him into each thrust and encouraging to move.  He felt Sam’s cock stiffen in his mouth and he pulled back, sucking hard on the head, glancing up to see Sam throw his head back and shout his name before he needed to swallow. 


He did, eagerly, licking his lips and leaning back to admire Sam like this.  This was going into the permanent file of his spank bank, and he had a feeling that sooner, rather than later, that file was going to include nothing but mental images of Sam. 


But like this? 


In his shoes, white crisp shirt, no tie, first button undone, jacket removed, his pants unbuttoned only enough to get his dick out, Sam had never looked more tempting, or more fucking gorgeous.  Gabriel groaned and wrapped a hand around the base of his dick.  Fuck, he needed to come, yesterday. 


“No,” Sam ordered, grabbing Gabriel’s forearm and pulling his hand away.  Gabriel whined and couldn’t stop his hips from bucking towards Sam. 


“No, no, fuck, Sam, please, I need to come, I fucking need it, please,” he begged. 


“You will, don’t worry Gabriel,” Sam said, leading Gabriel over to a chair that was across from the bed.  He did up his pants a moment later and sat down.  “As eager as I am to get you horizontal, I have to admit that this, is a fantasy of sorts, if you will oblige me?” 


Gabriel swallowed down a groan and stood in front of Sam as he settled into the chair, holding his legs together.  “Fuck, you have to know I’ll give you anything,” he whispered, swaying closer. 


Sam reached up to brush his thumb along Gabriel’s lower lip.  “I know you will, you beautiful, beautiful boy.  But this will be for both of us.  Straddle me.” 


Gabriel shivered at the tone in Sam’s voice and did as he was asked, carefully straddling Sam in those pants, planting his knees into the chair on either side of Sam’s hips.  “All right, now what.” 


Sam wrapped a hand around Gabriel’s cock and gave a slow stroke.  “I watch you, as I get you off, like this.” 


“Fuck,” Gabriel whined, flexing his thigh to drive his cock into Sam’s hand, setting a desperate rhythm.  He reached out and gripped Sam’s shoulders, which brought their faces even closer together. 


Oh,” Sam whispered.  “Yes, just like this.  So I can watch your face.  Each and every little reaction to my touch.” 


Gabriel whimpered and rocked into every stroke of Sam’s hand, biting down on his bottom lip.  “Fuck, Sam, you’re going to kill me talking like that!” 


“Only little deaths,” Sam teased, swiping his thumb across the tip. 


Gabriel bucked, his entire body jolting, and when Sam repeated the touch, he tried to open his mouth, tried to warn Sam, because he was going to mess up Sam’s suit and he had no control, especially not when fucking straddling Sam like this and the bastard looking at him like he was.  “Sam, I can’t, fuck!” 


“Yes,” Sam whispered, leaning in to kiss him again. 


Gabriel moaned into the kiss, tilting his head into it, letting Sam lick into his mouth, his whole body shuddering.  He wasn’t going to last, there was no way that he could last like this a single second longer. 


He bucked into Sam’s hand twice more before tightening his grip on Sam’s shoulders, his head falling back as he came, exploding all over Sam’s hand and shirt, letting himself have a few deliciously slow slides through the mess he’d made before he slumped down, boneless. 


“That was far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined,” Sam said, bringing his fingers to his lips, licking Gabriel’s come off of them. 


Gabriel stared at Sam, his dick giving a hard twitch against his thigh. “Are you trying to get me worked up again?” 


“Perhaps,” Sam said, sucking one finger into his mouth, before pulling it out with a pop.  “I do still have to get you horizontal as I recall.” 


Gabriel gave a delighted laugh and leaned in for another kiss.  “Fuck, I love you, you kinky bastard.” 


“I’m not the one sitting naked in the lap of someone still mostly clothed,” Sam pointed out. 


Gabriel looked down at himself and smirked, looking up at Sam through his bangs.  “Maybe not, but you are the one who put me here, remember?” 


“Oh yes, and I have a great deal many other places that I would like to put you,” Sam said, patting Gabriel’s thigh.  “Now, off my lap.  Get on the bed.” 


Gabriel scrambled towards the King bed that took up a large portion of the room and flopped back on it.  He tilted his head up just enough to watch Sam strip off his remaining clothes.  A thought occurred and he started laughing. 


“Gabriel?” Sam asked as he climbed on the bed. 


Gabriel rolled over on top of Sam and planted his hands on either side of Sam’s shoulders, still grinning.  “So I’ve got only one question for you.” 


“Of course, Gabriel.” 


“Does this make me the Bond Girl, or you?” 



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